Unique technology, Unique cover

All hygienePRO© covers are unique. Our covers are tailored and will definitely fit.
Do you want to know more about out unique technology? Read on. 

Moisture barrier

Easy to disinfect and clean

To make sure moisture and other particles are not penetrating the covers, HygienePRO© is created with moisture barrier and anti-bacterial properties.
Because of this technology it is very easy to disinfect intensively with alcohol spray, despite the soft touch of the velours fabric.

Stains like make-up, sweat,… are very easily removed right away after every massage with water which gives you and your clients a very hygienic and comfortable feeling

100% comfort

Soft feeling, tough fabric

Ensuring the comfort of clients is paramount, HygienePRO© is soft and inviting to the touch. The breathability of the fabric will make you sweat less.


Made in Belgium

HygienePRO© covers are designed and manufactured in Belgium. The combination of outstanding engineered fabrics and materials in combination with local production will guarantee a very qualitative cover. 

No harmful chemicals

Durability matters

Having an OEKO-TEX® certification guarantees that our fabrics release no harmful chemicals or finishes during use or washing.

This ensures that the interiors of your care environment will be ready at all times