HygienePro cover pros?

A cover with a lot of pros, made for professionals


A velours fabric that you can disinfect? Definitely sure! Simply spray with an alcohol solution, leave for a while and wipe off. Ready!

Very soft comfortable fabric

Not plastic but a very soft feeling inviting to the touch and comfortable to lay on

protects your table from mechanical loads

HygienePRO is made of a very strong fabric that ensures that the surface of your tableis not damaged


Treatment table surfaces can crack due to intensive disinfectation. HygienePRO protects you againts this

No sweat on your table

Thanks to the breathable fabric and easy wiping through the moisture barrier, sweat can be immediately removed and cleaned

safe feeling for your customer

Immediately to disinfect and clean, so that your customers experiece a very high degree of hygiene and comfort

made for your table

We have different sizes so the covers will always fit


Our covers last a long time, very long! Download the product sheet with technical date here

washing machine

You can easily wash the cover at 30° in the machine